Important Types of Knitted Fabrics That You should know about

Knitted fabrics are the present day trend, because of the comforts and style that outfits made from this fabric. Many types of outfits made from it, like Leggings & Jeggings-tops, stole, Kurtis, dresses, etc. remains well fitted in a body. Additionally, This is a flawless fabric the wonderful fall present in the fabric, make it the first pick of the present generation.

Despite all these facts, many designers scare to work with it. And the reason for their hesitation is its different texture of this fabric. However, the fact is, one can go really creative with this fabric just by learning some tips on how to sew it. A few characteristics of imported knitted fabrics are

  • The knitted fabrics have built-in stretch
  • The fabric does not get loose even after a number of washes.
  • The outfit made from this fabric does not require much maintenance as it is wrinkle free.
  • The outfit perfectly fits on the body because of the built-in stretch in it.
  • Yes, the fabric shrinks a bit after washing and thus, pre-wash is important before sewing any dress from it.

In addition, three types of imported knitted fabric are popular and used for making different garments. At JMKnits, which is the leading importer and supplier of this fabric internationally, you can find all three types and many others. The fabrics are

Jersey Knit –Among all the three primary types of knitted fabric, the jersey knit is one of the most common. It it primarily used for making T-shirts. This is the single needle and it works closely like the knitting needles, putting together the purls and knit in a row. The fabric is wonderful, light weight and absorbent. It is mostly used for making outfits for the upper body portion like pullovers, blouses, T-shirts, and dresses. Some characteristics of jersey knit are

  • Because of being light weight and having a wonderful drape. It hangs really well on the body, especially on the lean body.
  • The jersey knit fabric has the stretch potential and it could be stretched to any level.
  • It is a very thin fabric and, thus fatty people can also wear it comfortably and will have a lean appearance.

Double Knit – The second type of knitted fabrics is the double knit. This fabric is sturdier than the jersey knit and used for making structured outfits, such as skirts, dresses, etc. It is also used for making closer fitting garments, such as trousers and leggings. A few characteristics of double knit fabric are

  • Both the sides of the double knit fabric are identical, thus it could be worn either side.
  • It has stretch potential, and regain its shape as the strain is removed.
  • It is slightly heavier than jersey and stays firmly on the body.

Rib Knit – This knit fabric is popular by the name ribbing as well. It carried vertical textured lines. This is manufactured using a double bed knitting machine. The machine has two needles that are lined vertically. And the easy identification of this knit is, it contains vertical ribs. Useful for making T-shirts and dresses. Its characteristics are

  • In comparing to jersey, it is heavier
  • It has good stretch potential
  • The edges of outfit do not curl up if pulled

These are the basic types of knitted fabric and these are modified to create many other types of fabrics and outfit.

Where You Can Find The Finest Quality Knitted Fabric

The JMKnits is one of the leading suppliers of this fabric. They are in the industry for fifteen years and have a good hold. In addition to knitted fabric, with them, you can find other fabrics as well as NR Roma viscose, cotton Lycra, scuba, etc.

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